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Privacy Policy

As a general rules, the web-portal http://ceohimachal.nic.in does not collect personal information about the visitor when users visit the portal. You can visit the portal without revealing personal information, unless you chose to provide such information. For e.g. in case of links related to feedback etc.

Even in such cases, your e-mail address will only be recorded for the purpose for which you have provided it and will not be added to a mailing list. Your email address will not be used for any other purpose, and will not be disclosed, without your consent.

Site Security: For site security purposes and to ensure that the service remains available to all users, the system monitors network traffic to identify un-authorised attempts to upload or change information, or otherwise cause damage.

Unauthorized attempts to upload information or change information on this site are strictly prohibited and may be punishable under the Indian IT Act.

Please notify the webmaster through the Contact Us page if you feel that the principles of the Privacy Policy have not been followed or you have any other comments on these principles.

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