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                  All human beings are born free and equivalent in dignity and rights and everyone has the right to participate in the governance of their country. The international covenant of civil and political rights stipulates that these rights are guaranteed to all citizens. These sentiments form the basis of democratic societies all over the world.

                   Democracy is as meaningful as much it ensures participation, through informed choices. One of the most remarkable features of Indian democracy is that from the very beginning, the Constitution of India gave the citizens of the country universal adult franchise. This has enabled all the citizens of voting age irrespective of caste, religion, wealth or sex. Democracy in India is a practice wherein people assess political parties and their arrangements for delivering governance and development of their regions. 

                   In the era of e-governance, the Election Department is committed to reach out to people to provide better services in terms of accurate Electoral Rolls, Photo Identity Cards, digitization of maps depicting area of polling station, distances etc., creating awareness about their rights and duties by bringing transparency in the system, citizen friendly approach and better data management. The department shares its vision with the Election Commission of India to provide online facilities to each and every eligible voter.

                   The people are the best judge to assess the quality of services provided in-terms of their basic requirement, empowerment and assessment. We seek active cooperation of all citizens of Himachal Pradesh for setting up truly citizen friendly, transparent and fair electoral system.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Maneesh Garg, IAS 

                                                            Chief Electoral Officer-cum-Principal Secretary(Election),

                                                                                                Himachal Pradesh.

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